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Sanity & Saving Tips Part 2

  1. Seven swans a-swimming. Take the family to your local pond for a walk to see the regal swans or out to the local pool for a swim instead of spending the afternoon on devices.

  2. Eight maids a-milking. Support your local milk and dairy businesses. Explore their different products to switch up your menus.

  3. Nine ladies dancing. Kick up your heels with online dance lessons:

  4. Ten lords a-leaping. Get out there and exercise together: walk, skate, snowshoe, ski, sled or bike. You can rent equipment or buy what you need on Marketplace, Kijiji, etc.

  5. Eleven pipers piping. Try pipe icing on your gingerbread house or cookies; this is cheaper than all the candy and just as festive. Basic decorating kits can be found at the Dollar Stores, Walmart, Superstore, etc.

  6. Twelve drummers drumming. Take advantage of the post-Christmas sales on decorations, greeting cards and wrapping paper. My personal trick is to wander the seasonal aisles with a budget of $20 to find a new decoration, dish, vase, candlestick holder, etc. After 12 years you will have plenty of "cheer" to display. Want to save more?

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Working with your experienced Fenske Financial Coach, you’ll uncover your money motivations, hurdles, and panic buttons, grow your financial knowledge, and determine saving and spending strategies that work for you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Karen Fenske, Fenske Financial Coaching Founder

"I highly recommend Fenske Financial Coaching. Karen is unbelievable in her knowledge and caring about her clients. Karen helped me through times when I thought there was no hope. When you leave you know exactly where your future is headed. I am way less stressed and can see a retirement date finally in my future. Take the time to contact her you’ll be very happy you did." S. Young, Vernon

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