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Financial Consultant Nearby Vernon BC

Learn how to spend and save using healthy money management strategies


Establish a Sound Foundation

Ensure your adult children possess the money skills they need to successfully navigate the world and be successful. You will have confidence working with a professional Financial Planner, Myers-Briggs Coach and Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC®). You can choose in-person or on-line learning options.

In our Money & Finances 101 program, partipants will:

• Learn how to spend and save using healthy money management strategies and apps.

• Save with confidence using a savings account, GIC, TFSA, or RRSP.

• Create a plan with goals and dreams using right and left sides of the brain.

• Create a budget that works for them.

• Learn how to use credit and debt tools responsibly.

• Dive into what your bank offers for short and long term savings options.

• Discover their optimal financial decision-making model using Myers-Briggs.

• Build their "money language," including Pay Yourself First, Compounding, Dollar Cost Averaging, Return on Investment.

• Create their own "Money Story" that includes security and safety and makes them feel like they can take on the world! Get rid of the panic of running out!

• Understand how to grow money within their Risk Tolerance.

Learn how to use credit and debt tools responsibly



To continue the conversation add sessions as often as needed.

Client Reviews of Money & Finances 101

"In trying to set my kids up for success in life I hired Karen to provide financial counselling for my daughter and son. As young adults, at 18 and 21, they were both starting their journey to "make a fortune in the world". Karen gently taught and coached sound concepts about money management, saving, and investing. Much to my surprise, they picked up on this and implemented these ideas.

Now, a while after, they both have significant savings, which will have a great purpose in the future. The amazing thing is that they have an understanding of the importance of financial planning . I highly recommend Karen to impart her knowledge to young minds and older folks too."  — Karl Podolski, Vernon, BC (2020)

"I was gifted the 4 session package from my mom and wasn't initially overly enthusiastic about it to begin, but after my first session I was thrilled my mom bought me these sessions! Karen not only helps personalize your financial management, she details the best way to save for your future. I learned more from Karen in 4 one-hour sessions than I have from any class in school, book, or video! She also helped me open a tax free savings account. I highly recommend FFC to anyone who isn't in finance as their day job. Anyone can stand to learn something from Karen, and she's a very friendly and charismatic person."  —Zack Orchard, Vernon, BC (2020)

"The four session Money & Finances 101 course that I took with Karen was super helpful for my stage of life. We walked through the basics of finances and I learned so much—from budgeting to investing wisely based on my personality and comfort levels, and so much more. She is an amazing teacher and walks patiently beside you no matter what stage of your financial journey in which you find yourself. She goes the extra mile! I feel much more comfortable and confident with handling my finances and would absolutely recommend any young adult or adult for that matter who is curious about their finances or going though a transition in their life to take the Money 101 course. Thank you so much Karen!." —Teagan Rogers, Vernon, BC (2021)

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