Money & Finances 101

During our 4 sessions you will:

  • Learn how to spend & save using healthy strategies & apps.

  • Get familiar with credit, loans, debt, interest, credit scores, etc.

  • Recognize when to use a savings account, GIC, TFSA or RRSP.

  • Dive into what your bank has to offer. 

  • Discover your optimal financial decision-making model using Myers-Briggs .

  • Review concepts like Pay Yourself First, Dollar Cost Averaging, et

  • Understand how your Risk Tolerance & Inflation impact money growth.

  • Define goals using your right & left brain.

  • Clarify how to protect yourself & group benefit options.


Package Price: $400 

COVID RELIEF: Make four $100 payments. 

Add-on: Schedule sessions to Celebrate & Adapt every 6 to 12 months, $100 per session.

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