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Start Your Journey

How do circular charts make you feel? If life is a circle then we will end up defeated, lost, and uncertain.

So, let's do something different: take a road that keeps going.

That feeling of accomplishment — that we are getting somewhere — is a relief.

We will work together over a period of weeks or months to develop a Financial Map, which is a "doable" plan that makes sense for you. 

The Fenske Financial Map Process


Get Started

Schedule a discovery meeting in which we will explore your current financial situation, habits, and goals.

Envision The Destination

We will explore your dreams, short & long term financial goals, and needs and wants such as a new home, education, retirement, etc.

Money & You

We work together to cultivate a healthy, more positive, guilt and stress free relationship with money.  Your personality, beliefs, values, history, and emotions around money impact your success. 


Financial Map

In building your customized financial map, we will work together to explore various scenarios, including addressing finances for life stages and retiring earlier and/or more comfortably. We will review and practice online tools and basic cash management skills such that you may choose the method that suits you best. As a result of this process, you will enhance saving and spending habits, determine your risk tolerance, and receive clearer financial goals.

Employing sound strategies and creative ideas will assist in making healthy choices as we build your financial map.

Option: You can request a Full Financial Retirement Report, which is a comprehensive, customized map that details your road to retirement and beyond.


Live the Adventure

Take what you've learned thus far and practice your skills and knowledge out in the wild as you live your life!

Check Point

We will schedule quarterly, semi-annual, or annual sessions to celebrate your victories, integrate the challenges, and explore what comes next. You will experience greater success by working with a coach in adhering to your plan. Ultimately, you will develop healthy money habits and the ability to keep yourself on track. Your financial literacy will have increased and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals.

Myers-Briggs Certified
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