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What clients are saying:

Sandi Y.

I highly recommend Fenske financial services. Karen is unbelievable in her knowledge and caring about her clients. Karen helped me through times when I thought there was no hope. When you leave you know exactly where your future is headed. I am way less stressed and can see a retirement date finally in my future. Take the time to contact her you’ll be very happy you did.

Kate O.

I can't say enough about the value of Karen's services and the positive impact she has made in our lives. Myself and both of my sons (ages 20 and 16) have worked with her individually, and my husband and I are currently in the process of planning our retirement with her. What Karen offers is not traditional financial planning. She does not sell financial products for an investment company, she teaches you "how" to navigate the world of "money" so you have the capabilities to do it on your own. With Karen, you will develop a strong understanding of financial literacy and best of all, understand your relationship with money on a deeper level and why you make the decisions you make. She has given us the knowledge and confidence to not only manage our current finances but to foresee and plan for both short and long term financial goals. As individuals and a family as a whole, she has empowered us and helped us develop healthy relationships with money. I highly recommend her services. It will be one the best "investments" that you ever make.

Judy B.

Fenske Financial Coaching has helped me feel empowered about my financial situation as I go through separation and divorce. There are many decisions to make in this journey and having support from Karen has given me so much peace and direction. I feel on top of my finances! I know where my money is going and how to track all of my spending. She provides options for me to think about. Instead of taking on the whole package all at once, Karen has given me homework that I could manage and has checked in to see if I was making progress. This piece of knowing I had a knowledgeable financial person on my team has given me more strength than I could have imagined.

Lucy I. 

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

I highly recommend Fenske Financial Coaching! Karen coached me through budgeting, saving and working towards attainable goals. She was instrumental in me purchasing my home here in the Okanagan. Karen is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic - coming prepared to every meeting with new information and fresh ideas. It is easy to tell that she loves what she does and is in the business of helping people. I used to think that "financial advisors or coaches" are for people with lots of money but my experience with Karen taught me that you can learn and grow the money that you do have.

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Hannah P.

Karen was incredibly helpful during this transitional time in my life financially. I was able to feel less stress about my finances, and now feel confident and comfortable in moving forward with the strategies we have set in place to succeed in the future.

Levi O.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

As a younger individual, 16 at the time of writing, I was very overwhelmed with the future and was quite nervous about my money plan. I went to a few sessions and I learned a lot, not just about money managing but also my own money managing style. Definitely eased my worries about my investing future and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for financial coaching.

Rob B.

I have a great planner now. I have worked with her for over a year and I can honestly say I now have no personal money worries, it is such a relief! 

Zach O.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I was gifted the 4 session package from my mom and wasn't overly enthusiastic about it to begin, but after my first session I was thrilled my mom bought me these sessions! Karen not only helps personalize your financial management, but she details the best way to save for your future. I learned more from Karen in 4 one hour sessions then I have from any class in school, book, or video! She also helped me open a tax free savings account. Highly recommend her to anyone who isn't in finance as their day job. Anyone could stand to learn something from her, and she's a very friendly and charismatic person to talk to.

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