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Financial Consultant Nearby Vernon BC

We help women achieve the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families


Your Money & Lifestyle Can Last a Lifetime!

With the right financial knowledge you can achieve and maintain the lifestyle that you want for yourself and your family. You will have confidence working with a professional Financial Planner, Myers-Briggs Coach and Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC®). You can choose in-person or on-line learning options.

Healthy life

In our "Be The Best You" program, you will:

• Uncover your money motivations, hurdles, and panic buttons.

• Create "Saving & Spending" strategies that work.

• Set achievable financial goals.

• Establish a Plan B and be prepared to pivot.

• Determine how to substantially grow your money and reduce debt.

• Select technology to make financial decisions more efficiently.

• Discover your Myers-Briggs Financial Decision-Making strengths and learn how to manage your blind spots on the go.

• Increase your overall knowledge of finances and add to your "money language".

• Clearly envision what your retirement could look like.

• Benefit from support and guidance at all times.

"I very highly recommend Fenske Financial Coaching! I honestly had no idea such a service existed and now I won't ever go without! I did 4 sessions with Karen and her support and expertise gave me the insight and confidence to propel me through a rough patch and get a much clearer financial picture. Karen is incredibly insightful, organized, compassionate and motivating!! Brook S., Ucluelet, BC  (2022) 


(Payment option: $125 per session)

  • The program includes:

    • 4 sessions to complete a financial plan to take you forward.

    • The Myers-Briggs decision-making behavioural assessment.

  • Add check-ins every 3 or 6 months to keep on track.

  • Add weekly or monthly sessions to change money habits.

  • Call for a FREE Introduction.

What Our Clients are Saying

I highly recommend Fenske Financial Coaching! Karen coached me through budgeting, saving and working towards attainable goals. She was instrumental in me purchasing my home here in the Okanagan. Karen is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic - coming prepared to every meeting with new information and fresh ideas. It is easy to tell that she loves what she does and is in the business of helping people. Jennifer Vernon, BC 2020 used to think that "financial advisors or coaches" are for people with lots of money but my experience with Karen taught me that you can learn and grow the money that you do have! Jennifer, Vernon, BC (2020)

"I can't say enough about the value of Karen's services and the positive impact she has made in my life. What FFC offers is not traditional financial planning—Karen doesn't sell financial products for an investment company; instead, she teaches you how to navigate the world of money so you have the capabilities to do it on your own. With the Be The Best You program, you will develop a strong understanding of financial literacy and best of all, understand your relationship with money on a deeper level and why you make the decisions you make. Karen has given me the knowledge and confidence to not only manage my family's finances but to foresee and plan for both short and long term financial goals. She has empowered my family and I and helped us develop healthy relationships with money, and I highly recommend her services. It will be one the best investments that you ever make." —Kate O., Vernon, BC (2021)

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