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Treat Yourself and Be Wise

The tips below are standard reminders EXCEPT I suggest you take 5-10% and treat yourself or your family. It's easier to make wise decisions if we have addressed our need for freedom and "no accountability".

  • Add the money to the down payment for your next vehicle purchase so you can borrow less.

  • Add it to a child or grandchild’s registered education savings plan.

  • Add it to a first home savings account FHSA to benefit from tax-free compounding in the account.

  • Add it to your registered retirement savings plan to benefit from tax-free compounding in your RRSP over the years.

  • Buy a one-year guaranteed investment certificate at 5% in your tax-free savings account TFSA to grow your savings faster and sleep at night.

  • Pay down credit card debt which is at 20% or your line of credit which is typically at 7.7%. You will be debt-free faster!

  • Start or build an emergency fund to cover times when you aren't working because of illness, job loss, or accidents.

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