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Financial Consultant Nearby Vernon BC

Couple taking control of their finances


Learn How to Work as a Team to Secure Your Financial Future!

This program is designed specifically for couples who need to enhance their money skills to live a prosperous life together. You will have confidence working with a professional Financial Planner, Myers-Briggs Coach and Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC®)You can choose in-person or on-line learning options.

In the "Life Together Program", you will:

• Explore and identify the causes of your financial stress.

.​ Look at your debt and put strategies in place to pay it off!

• Determine how to grow your money and reduce taxes.

• Share your individual dreams and needs

Take a quick peek at your potential retirement income.

Define goals that support a healthy and happy life together.

• Create "Save & Spend" strategies that work for you!

• Learn how to make sound financial decisions before acting.

• Discover your individual strengths and see how to apply them to build a strong relationship and sound financial future.

Consider the ups and downs currently related to your stage of life and understand how to change your money habits accordingly.

• Review various technological methods available to make financial decisions more efficiently.

• Benefit from professional financial support and guidance along the way!

Learning to plan finances as a team
"Now capable of making sound financial decisions


(Payment option: $150 per session)

  • The program includes:

    • 4 sessions to complete a financial plan to take you forward.

    • Myers-Briggs decision-making behavioural assessments.

  • Add check-ins every 3 or 6 months to keep on track.

  • Add weekly or monthly sessions to change money habits.

  • Call for a FREE Introduction.

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