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Financial Consultant Nearby Vernon BC

Overcome Losing a Spouse


Money Management after a Loss

Have you lost a spouse or partner? The grief can you leave you feeling frozen or lost, especially when it comes to managing your finances. With the right financial knowledge and emotional support you will learn how to manage your entire financial life so you can maintain your lifestyle. Your conversations with a compassionate expert will be private, confidential, and objective. You will have confidence working with a professional Financial Planner, Myers-Briggs Coach and Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC®) who puts clients' needs first. You can choose in-person or on-line learning options.

Let us help you take charge of your life

I have appreciated your patient and caring work navigating a financial world that is so unfamiliar to me! Helping me plan for my financial needs in retirement has given me peace of mind. I have felt no anxiety under your skillful expertise. Thank you! Kathy K 2022

The "On Your Own Again" process includes:

  • Understanding and streamlining your finances.

  • Increasing your overall knowledge of finances including RRSPs, RRIFs, pensions, insurance, taxes, CPP, OAS, etc.

  • Exploring your needs & services to remain in living in your home or downsizing, etc.

  • Implementing tax efficient strategies to keep more in your pocket.

  • Uncovering your money motivations, hurdles, and panic buttons.

  • Creating "Saving & Spending" strategies that work.

  • Discussing and implement wealth & estate transfer plans.

  • Clearly envisioning what your future could look like.

  • Setting achievable financial goals.

  • Benefit from support and guidance at all times.


We will work at your own pace on the topic that is important at that time.

  • Anticipate 2 - 4 sessions to complete a financial plan to take you forward.

  • Add check-ins every 3 or 6 months to keep on track.

  • Add weekly or monthly sessions to change money habits.

  • Call for a Free Introduction.

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