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Planning for retirement is about more than investment growth, something you can’t control; it is about you and what you can control. We will review all your income streams, expenses and dreams. We will contrast and compare a variety of influences such as changing health, life expectancy, the desire for a range of activities and pursuits, family obligations, and the steady climb of the cost of living. Exploring your options to fill the GAPS is what we do. You will be working with a professional Financial Planner, Registered Retirement Consultant RRC® and Myers-Briggs coach. You can choose in-person or on-line learning options.

To keep the conversation going you can add as many sessions as you need and when you need them.

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Chart your Future

Would you like to know if you have enough?

Many clients are afraid to find out. Planning for retirement is about more than investment growth, something you can’t control; it is about you and what you can control. Let's reduce your fear of the unknown and find peace of mind with your facts. You will have some good pieces and some areas to work on before you stop working. Some of you might have "your numbers" and want a second opinion or an update on helpful strategies.

Taking the time now to work with a professional Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC®), Financial Planner, and Myers-Briggs Coach will inspire you today and reward you in the future. You can choose in-person or online learning options. You can add sessions to more answer questions or adapt the plan to your changing situation.

  • What dreams do you want to explore? What needs must be met? What is your health like?

  • How much do your think you will spend at 60, 70, 80 and 90? 

  • What are your income streams?

  • Have you decided when the best time is to start Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS)?

  • Should you start some side income or plan to work part-time?

  • Do you know how much, when and how to convert your savings (RRSPs, TFSA, etc.) into income and the tax implications?

  • Would you like to pay off debt and change some money habits?

  • Does inflation impact your retirement income and your target date options?

  • How are your sources of income taxed and can you avoid owing?

  • What other answers do you need?


The planning process includes 2 - 3 meetings, a report and projections for 3 scenarios.


Couple Rate: minimum $899 + GST

Individual Rate: minimum $599 + GST

Add additional sessions to adapt your plan or to obtain more answers:

Couple Rate: $150 or Individual Rate: $125

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What our clients are saying

My husband and I originally saw Karen with respect to getting our finances in order as we felt like we weren't getting ahead. After talking with Karen in our FIRST meeting, she put us at ease saying that we were in the same boat as a lot of other folks our age-and better than some! Karen kept the terms she used easy for us to understand, she was very thorough in making sure we understood exactly what she was saying. I don't say it if I don't mean it and I would highly recommend Karen Fenske.

Lorna & Scott 2022

Here are some descriptions that we believe are representative (of Karen):

  • Does not pass judgement on your past financial decision making

  • Communicates clearly without being condescending

  • Sense of humour

  • Trustworthy with your financial information

  • Lots of real world experience with families & individuals gives us confidence in her advice

  • Lets you make an informed decisions with respect to your financial goals (i.e. This is the effect on your retirement funds if you buy that $80,000 vehicle)

  • Seeks to understand you so that she can offer salient questions on your future goals (i.e. Are you sure that $80,000 vehicle fits your lifestyle?)

  • Not associated with any financial institution so we can be comfortable with receiving unbiased financial advice.

Paul & Kim 2022

I have appreciated your patient and caring work navigating a financial world that is so unfamiliar to me! Helping me plan for my financial needs in retirement has given me peace of mind. I have felt no anxiety under your skillful expertise. Thank you! Kathy 2022

Karen has straightened me out financially.  Talking to her has given me much more progress in my later years.  I rely on her completely.

Sandi 2022

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