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Planning for retirement is about more than investment growth, something you can’t control; it is about you and what you can control. We will contrast and compare a variety of influences such as changing health, life expectancy, the desire for a range of activities and pursuits, family obligations, and the steady climb of the cost of living.

You choose how much planning you want. To keep the conversation going you can add as many sessions as you need and when you need them.

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During the process we will:

• Explore your expectations, dreams, concerns, and needs.

• Identify your retirement objectives.

• Review your potential sources of income: savings, employer and public pensions  such as Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS), part-time work, etc.

• Define how much money you will need to obtain your objectives in retirement, the impact of inflation on your retirement income and your target date options.

• Create a pre-retirement and retirement budget.

• Define strategies about the financial and other adjustments that you will face before and after retirement including aging in place.

• Evaluate the advice you receive from other retirement advisors, to ensure that it is consistent with your overall retirement plan.

• Review when, why, and how to convert your savings (RRSPs, TFSA, etc.) into income and the tax implications.


$150 per session (3 session minimum)

Add as many sessions as you need &
when you need them.