A survey of the people I have worked with brought their lives into focus. 

Let's meet them. 

These stories are why I do what I do.

I have used generic photos and changed their names for privacy. 

August 07, 2020 Kate O.

I can't say enough about the value of Karen's services and the positive impact she has made in our lives. Myself and both of my sons (ages 20 and 16) have worked with her individually, and my husband and I are currently in the process of planning our retirement with her. What Karen offers is not traditional financial planning. She does not sell financial products for an investment company, she teaches you "how" to navigate the world of "money" so you have the capabilities to do it on your own. With Karen, you will develop a strong understanding of financial literacy and best of all, understand your relationship with money on a deeper level and why you make the decisions you make. She has given us the knowledge and confidence to not only manage our current finances but to foresee and plan for both short and long term financial goals. As individuals and a family as a whole, she has empowered us and helped us develop healthy relationships with money. I highly recommend her services. It will be one the best "investments" that you ever make.

Ashley, a mother of two children, was just starting the separation  process, and didn't know what to do first.  She felt overwhelmed in the chaos. We sat down and slowly came up with some strategies. Six months later she had put away money into RESPs for her children, was saving for school for herself and paid down her debt. She landed on her feet. 

Sarah and Tom, who were either argued about money or avoided their finances, met with me a few times to talk about their individual money habits, expectations and dreams. We developed their Financial Map. Ten months later they were going on dates and planning their life together. They are calm.

Clare, a 60 year old single woman, was working at 2 jobs and didn't know if she would have enough money to retire. We reviewed all her sources of income including CPP, OAS, pensions, and savings. A retirement strategy was developed and she picked her day. She'll be able to retire comfortably.       

She has hope. 

Tim, who didn't know anything about saving, lost his job up north, moved back home and then lived through crashing his car. We had started a savings plan months before so he had an emergency fund  to use to buy a car and rent an apartment. He started over in "the blink of eye" again.   

He was grateful.

I worked with Tyler while his mother was dying of cancer. We talked about being the executor and steps to take. He shared his guilt about planning ahead while his mother was still alive. I was able to share how parents often want to know their kids will be “ok”. When they hear that they're investing wisely, paying off debt and taking care of their own children they're satisfied that their wisdom has been passed on and that you have learned to be a good steward. They both had peace.

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