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Not Perfect Money Choices? That's OKAY!

Are you ashamed or afraid to ask questions about your money management? You don't need to have done all the right things or made the perfect money choices along the way. I’ll tell you a secret – no one has! It is common for individuals to keep their money situation private. If this is you, how do you learn new concepts, strategies, habits, etc.? Most people do not share their losses, mistakes, the times they were scammed, or paid too much. In our continuous learning culture working with a coach in private sessions makes sense.

To work with a Financial Coach you do not need be rich, just engaged and willing. You can ask your questions about budgeting, managing cash flow, and understanding credit (credit cards, loans, and mortgages) in a safe private setting. You do not need to have a large savings account as a matter of fact you will find out how to save and start on the path to your next goal. You don’t set goals? Learning how in a way that aligns with your personality makes your money management more natural and comfortable. You can do all this by paying by the session or choosing a boot-camp type program.

We explore your values, dreams, and goals: what's important to you, not someone else. It's very personal, which helps you align your own path to your money strategies and financial plan; the stronger the alignment the greater the potential for change. To impart real change, human beings have to be attached to the goals deep within their heart and minds. Being somewhat free from cultural demands helps you "grow" into your own life.

I assume with the right education and coaching individuals can make very good decisions and gain wisdom from mistakes. I hope that experiencing personalized coaching and accountability that is designed to help you discover and define your own values and dreams and goals facilitate healthy adaptive steps. Take care of yourself today!

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