Take Charge:

  • Choose your Retirement Date & Live your Best Life!

  • Reduce stress and save for the things you want.

  • Gain confidence about your money and finances.

  • "Land on your feet" after your transition.

  • Get organized and let go of that chaos.
    You can choose in-person or on-line learning options.

Fenske Financial Coaching provides a relaxed, encouraging environment in-person and on-line, in which you will grow your financial knowledge and skills. Through our customized packages and personalized coaching, you will be able to cultivate your confidence and implement your new financial skills to develop plans that will enable you to reach your goals.


With the Fee-Only service you pay for the sessions you want and keep the "conversation going" whenever you need.

You will be working with a professional Financial Planner, and Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC®). Financial expert, Karen Fenske, is in your corner providing objective, meaningful guidance that will put you on the road to financial well-being. Karen integrates a scientific approach, incorporating both NaviPlan (industry standard financial planning software)and Myers-Briggs to power your planning experience.

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What is Your Current Situation?


We want to retire and need to know if we will have enough income, when we should retire, how to reduce taxes, and what our living options could be.

Working Mom

I am separating from my spouse and want to land on my feet financially and establish a secure future.


I want to maintain a respectable lifestyle in the home of my choice and need to know what I can afford.

Farmers in Barn

We own a farm that is transitioning to the next generation and need to ensure we have the right finances in place to enjoy a long retirement.


I am living alone and need to talk about money and financial matters to decide how to best move forward.

Piggy Back

We find it difficult to stick to a financial plan and need a coach to provide support and direction to ensure we stay on track.

First Dance

We recently married and need to determine healthy ways to manage our money together.

Happy Family with Pets

I want to acquire peace of mind that my legacy plan is successfully in place to care for my loved ones.

Family Portrait 5

We need to pay down debt, live out lives, and save for the future. We are seeking expert, objective advice from someone we trust.


I need to learn the basics for cash management so I can develop a foundation of financial knowledge.

Woman on Podium

I recently inherited money or received a settlement and need to explore my financial planning options with someone I can trust.


I have health issues and I want my spouse to feel comfortable taking over the role of money management.


Discover how a financial planner & coach can assist you in achieving your goals.


See what you can expect to receive when you engage Fenske Financial Coaching.

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Karen Fenske is a Financial Planner, Registered Retirement Consultant and Founder of FFC. 

Learn about her background and skills.