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Build Healthy Money Habits: Reduce Impulse Spending

We all experience a little dopamine rush when we buy something that makes us happy. You can learn and practice healthy habits to be wise, strong, and capable with your money!

  1. Be mindful.” Are you trading your time, energy, and hard-earned paycheque for something valuable? Is it worth the trade? Are you cheating yourself? Can you wait for satisfaction in the long run instead of a thrill today?

  2. Breathe — leave it at the cashier and wait for at least 24 hours. I have left many an item that I wanted but should not buy with the cashier. Just ask my daughter!

  3. Know your triggers. Think about your state of mind, how do you feel? Is that red hot feeling creeping up from your mid-riff?

  4. Try the attached Spend & Save. Yes, you can spend but only what you promised yourself. P.S. I do not use the word “budget” because many people freeze and then start providing excuses.

  5. Set goals for now and for later. They help you stay focused on what you want so saying “no” becomes easier.

What is the rainbow at the end of these new habits?

A credit card bill that has a zero balance and satisfaction of a live well lived.

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