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Steps to Sharing the Load: Fight-Flight-Freeze

When money challenges pop up how do your react? Some of you might get angry then blame an institution, a spouse, the government, a company, etc. Or some of you might run from the problem and dig your head in sand, ignore your bank balances, stop paying bills, escape into a vice, or avoid responsibilities. It is also common to freeze, not do anything, living with a high level of panic and fear.

Choosing to reach out and work with someone takes courage and faith that you can overcome the feelings and move forward. As a coach, one of my goals is to bring you down from that heightened state and help your regulate these strong reactions. Money often triggers all three of these states and real life transactional strategies can bring you hope.

Steps to Sharing the Load

1. Listening and hearing you.

2. Sorting out your money pieces.

3. Crafting a personalized plan.

4. Evaluating and celebrating your achievements!

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