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Child Birthday Party Reset, Has It Happened?

Post-Covid we are marching into new frontiers in all areas so can we revamp birthday parties?

We often do things because we're afraid to be different from people around us. Also, we might feel shame if we can't take our kids to the gymnastics academy or the fantastic wave pool or provide expensive birthday presents. While an inner voice is protecting you from making a fool of yourself, which is helpful, you can negotiate different, helpful choices. You can stay on budget and remain out of debt while having an amazing, memory making celebration!

To make parties different, what are you afraid of ?

Are you afraid of someone else's opinion,

about you of letting down your child, or not out-doing your ex-spouse?

How can you change this for your family?

Think back to childhood celebrations that might have been in a backyard or a home. The child was thrilled to get one Transformer or doll, or a bike that “looked” new but might have been second hand. The child felt special enjoying simple games and cake with friends and family. This child was not "let down".

There are many ways to celebrate a child’s birthday while preventing the fight with yourself about the cost. Searching online you will find a plethora of ways to celebrate on a shoestring that include different foods to serve, games or activities to incorporate, decoration ideas, and gift to buy. Respect your new ideas and these events can be fun, easy and satisfying!

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