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Make room under the tree for cash-saving Christmas fun

Welcome December with all its colour, cheer, and giving! The holidays can promise many happy emotions and sadly, plenty of stress. Buying the perfect gift or creating the best yard display does not need to end in despair with January debt. Christmas is a time to share your love with the people in your life without breaking the bank. Fenske Financial Coaching can help you reduce the financial burden while creating the magic of the season.

Use our free "Keep your Sanity & Savings" tips. Learn how you can get the most out of your budget while your family thinks you splurged!

  1. A partridge in a pear tree. Show the love of the season by gifting your time to help a neighbour, encourage a colleague, and listen to a stranger.

  2. Two turtle doves. These symbols of friendship and love are so meaningful. Express your appreciation to friends with simple tokens such as buying matching ornaments and giving one away, staff gift cards, or a small box of chocolates.

  3. Three French hens. Plan your meals ahead. Watch the flyers for good deals and use your credit card points or cashback. Consider swapping out expensive ingredients for less expensive ones. Also, buying ingredients each week spreads the cost out making it easier on your budget.

  4. Four calling birds. Don’t travel, instead, call and Zoom. You can put your laptop or phone on the table and chat, have dinner together, or play games.

  5. Five gold rings. Gold is an investment so go to the store and invest in the perfect gift. Enjoy all the endorphins that come with purchasing a gift in person. Online shopping circumvents many of the good feelings and can leave you feeling empty; choose the joy-filled option.

  6. Six geese a-laying. If you have a "big nest egg'' consider giving $20 or $200 or $2000 or $20,000 to your local food bank or your senior's utility bills or local charity.

Stay Tuned for more of Fenske Financial Coaching

holiday tips & gifts coming on Dec 17th.

Fenske Financial Coaching provides a relaxed, encouraging environment in which you will grow your financial knowledge and skills. Through our engaging courses and personalized coaching, you will be able to cultivate your confidence and implement your new financial skills to develop plans that will enable you to reach your goals including retirement. Visit our website and book an appointment today

Warm wishes,

Karen Fenske, Fenske Financial Coaching Founder

“I just completed Be the Best You with Karen and I highly recommend it. In a professional, knowledgeable, and kind manner, Karen helped me develop a clear plan for my financial goals. I feel empowered knowing what needs to be done and that I can do it. I just can’t help telling friends and colleagues about Karen and already one person has started working with her. Thanks again Karen!” –D. Lee, Vernon

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