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Money & Hope: Navigating Separation and Divorce

The torrent of strong emotions takeover at the most unexpected moments; all the moving parts in the process leave you stuck and hopeless. WAIT! You are smart, capable, and resourceful. Fenske Financial Coaching helps you maintain your self-worth and dignity while completing various stages in a timely manner. Following a divorce many find themselves with little income and a lot of debt. Others are "frozen"—unable to decide what to do with settlements. It doesn't have to be this way. Let's talk and explore your options before, during, and after. We listen, answer your questions, and together develop healthy strategies.



The Next Chapter Program takes you on a personalized journey to land on your feet with money in your pocket, confidence in your mind, and hope in your heart. We will:

  • Identify, clarify, and prioritize your financial needs and concerns—during and after the legal process.

  • Prepare your Financial Statement (Form 4 or Form 8), which declares income, expenses, debt, assets, and undue hardship.

  • Clarify support levels to meet the changing needs of you and your children.

  • Ensure details such as life insurance, taxes, retirement plans, and estate planning are managed.

  • Complete legal intake forms.

  • Explore the pros and cons of various settlement scenarios.

  • Create a Save & Spend Budget and strategies that work for you.

  • Practice using a spending and saving app or tool.

  • Strengthen your goal-setting skills.

  • Discover an easy way to make financial decisions before acting.

  • Expand your financial knowledge so you can make fully-informed financial decisions.

  • Establish a foundation of trust and guidance on which you may rely at any time.

  • Work with your lawyer and accountant.

This virtual program is designed specifically for individuals who are in the process separation or divorce. Let’s get started on the life you deserve.

"Fenske Financial Coaching has helped me feel empowered about my financial situation as I go through separation and divorce. There are many decisions to make in this journey and having support from Karen has given me so much peace and direction.

I feel on top of my finances! I know where my money is going.

She provides options for me to think about. Instead of taking on the whole package all at once, Karen has given me homework that I could manage and has checked in to see if I was making progress. This piece of knowing I had a knowledgeable financial person on my team has given me more strength than I could have imagined." J.B. 2021

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