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Getting married has been reinvented!

Plan again.

With covid restrictions constantly changing how we live getting married has been reinvented! Weddings have taken a turn to small, intimate events filled with impromptu solutions. My son just got married and we had 10 people. It was beautiful, memorable, and live streamed to everyone else. All the beautiful aspects of a full blown wedding day were incorporated except the debt. The special couple got to start saving for their first home, a lovely yet old fashioned way to start life together. "The day" didn't break the bank, no one remortgaged a home or stripped their savings accounts. Change is okay for these very proud parents.

Give your newlyweds a gift that will change their lives for good! They can start their life together by setting some financial ground rules, learn how to make good decisions and what it takes to have money chats without ugly tears or regret. Give the Newlywed Package

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