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Ditch Summer Spending Shame!

As we try to hang onto the last days of summer reality arrives in the form of credit card balances. Whoa! Before you fall into the deep well of despair consider that you built memories and regrets aren't useful. Be prepared for the future with the Shameless Spending Summer Tips listed below AND Take Charge of Your Finances Now with personalized money coaching. You visit the dentist to keep your mouth healthy, you take your car to a mechanic for regular maintenance, and you see a hair dresser to stay looking sharp. WHY not work with an expert financial planner? Organize your finances and plan your future to cultivate confidence and clarity. Learn about how your personality can help you avoid money pitfalls. Ditch money anxiety & shame so you can reap the rewards: peace of mind, savings, reduced debt, and hope.

Shameless Spending Summer Tips:

  • Set limits in advance.

  • Use your Summer Fun Savings Account.

  • Track your spending.

  • Focus on free activities.

  • Shop sales.

  • Strategize your expenses.

  • Keep up your savings habits.

  • Ask: "Do I need this or just want it?" then consider waiting until next year for that new item.

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