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Breakfast budgeting

Updated: May 30, 2021

So now that you're sitting with your cup of coffee and wondering what you're going to do today budget what you're going to spend. It takes about 8 minutes. It's really that easy.

What are you going to do, what are you going to eat and who are you going see? Decide what your day might include and then decide how much money you are going to spend or set a limit for the day.

I am taking my daughter out for lunch today. I could choose to go to a fancy restaurant or I could choose to go to a chain restaurant. I get to choose to have a glass of water or wine, I get to choose whether I have the fanciest meal or just a burger or a bowl of soup. I will make these choices and stay in charge of my spending.

When the bill arrives I will feel satisfied and confident that I haven't blown my entertainment budget for the month. My day can be fantastic without the shame that I spent too much or "failed again".

Staying on budget and in charge of your money gives you the freedom to enjoy life without the suffocation of bad debt.

Start right now. Micro decisions work. We both can do this.

The fact is, I will enjoy my time with my daughter regardless of what I spend!

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