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Get Ready for Retirement, Work with a Professional RRC®

Registered Retirement Consultant

I have taken time away from my blog to earn the Registered Retirement Consultant® designation. The RRC® CIFP Program was introduced in 2010 as a unique and specialized license which focuses on the specific areas of financial planning needed for retirement planning, estate planning, wealth management and taxation during retirement. It is an end in itself.

Registered Retirement Consultants® have the comprehensive knowledge and expertise you need to develop a Retirement Plan using your financial assets, your personal resources, and unique goals. We also coach you in making financial decisions related to retirement. You can also take a detailed look at the estate planning process and the many considerations and strategies involved in developing an estate plan.

Financial institutions recognize the quality and value of the CIFP RRC/CR Program. Since its launch, this educational offering has been highly acclaimed and the credential is universally recognized throughout the financial services industry. To date, there are approximately 5,000 RRC holders in Canada.

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