Your Next Chapter: Separation & Divorce Preparation

You receive 3 sessions:

You want to trust the financial data and I want to reduce the fear and panic so you can make fully informed decisions to land on your feet with a lifestyle you can manage and enjoy. 

  • We will identify, clarify, and prioritize your financial needs and concerns during and after the legal process.

  • We will complete  a comprehensive Spousal Request that will meet your needs and the changing needs of children.

  • The Financial Statement,  which declares Assets, Debts and Expenses, will be prepared.

  • The Lawyer's intake forms will be prepared.

  • Different settlement scenarios will be contrasted and compared.

We will also take some time to:

  • Create "Save & Spend" strategies that work for you!

  • Strengthen your goal setting skills. 

  • Choose your spending and saving app or tool.

  • Learn an easy way to make financial decisions before acting.

  • Expand your financial knowledge .

  • Benefit from support and guidance along the way.


Package Price: $375 minimum.     COVID RELIEF: make three $125 payments .


Future add-on: Schedule sessions to Celebrate & Adapt every 6 to 12 months, $100 for a 60 minute session

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We want to ensure this is the right process & fit. 

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