The Newlyweds Plan

During our 4 sessions:

  • Build long-lasting practices.

  • Reveal your expectations and dreams.

  • Explore your spending and saving habits.

  • Create "Save & Spend" strategies that work for you!

  • Choose how you will manage money & your preferred tool.

  • Gain basic money know-how like managing cash flow, and understanding credit, loans, and mortgages.

  • Your questions about managing risk, should one of you have an accident or untimely death, will be answered.

  • Strengthen your goal setting skills. 

  • Get to know what savings options are available at your bank.

  • Learn an easy way to make financial decisions before acting.

  • Expand your financial knowledge .

  • Benefit from support and guidance along the way.

Package Price: $500 

COVID RELIEF: Make four $125 payments. 

Add-on: Schedule sessions to Celebrate & Adapt every 6 to 12 months, $125 per session.


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