Client service is my first priority, therefore, the plans below allow time to answer questions, address concerns, dig into the details, and consider fresh, realistic solutions.

Providing a trusting, compassionate environment which will allow you to share your beliefs about money and be transparent about your financial situation & capacity is my goal,

your new skills, tools and confidence are the resultsI use NaviPlan and Myers-Briggs to power the financial planning experience.


Email or

call 250.306.1256 to book your

Free 30-minute Discovery Conversation

We want to ensure this is the right process & fit. 

  • You need to make a financial decision and a strategy "to get ahead".

  • Find common ground, reduce conflict and embrace your needs & dreams.

  • Instill mindful money habits & make helpful decisions to move forward.

  • We explore what you can control and what is unpredictable.

  • Learn the basics and instill healthy money management skills.

  • Separation & Divorce Preparation

  • Life happens quickly & change is expected. You can have peace of mind.

  • Talk about your situation, the service required, and booking.

Financial Consultant Nearby Vernon BC

During Covid we can meet via a free virtual meeting option such as Zoom 

or in a Covid aware environment.

  • Benefits of virtual-coaching include:

  • There are no distractions which means our time together can be focused entirely on you.

  • I work in a private and secure place to assure confidentiality.

  • It is very convenient. We can meet on your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • We can set appointments quickly. It's easy - you receive a link in your email.

According to the International Coach Federation’s 2008 Global Coaching Study,

more than 40-percent of coaches worldwide work with their clients by phone.

For an appointment email: 

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