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Retirement BC

Get in Touch with a Registered Retirement Consultant BC

We believe that people should start learning about retirement security and saving on their first day in their new job or the first time they earn some money. Sometimes people hear about retirement and think they need to stash vast sums of cash for old age but that's not the case! Discussion about financial management for the sake of retirement is all about how you can save, control spending, invest, and secure assets that will generate income for you during retirement. We review what you have, what you are able to save, and how it can grow for your benefit. To put it simply, we make retirement easier for you.

Retirement planning is one of the most common areas that our clients approach us for. When looking at retirement planning, we include aspects of life such as life expectancy, health, and family obligations. Retirement needs and wants, dreams and challenges are also foundational pieces. All these areas can change, impacting a person's retirement plan. Retirement can be scary, and that is why you should have a a financial coach to assist you through the planning process.

For a Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC®) to do their job well, you must be willing to engage and be transparent to experience confidence and peace of mind. Before your retirement, we can forecast a wide variety of future scenarios such as downsizing, changes in health care needs, travel, part-time employment, and passing your assets to the next generation. Therefore, we can put you in a position to handle any opportunities or problems that may arise along the way. Clients gain reassurance when we meet annually to review and adapt retirement plans. We invite you ask us more about Fenske Financial Coaching services at

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