Financial Tune-up 


You need to make a financial decision "to get you where you want go". 

  • You call & brief me on your situation, questions, goals, etc.

  • We set a meeting in-person or via Zoom.

  • You send me your financial data & I prepare a draft plan.

  • We meet to define goals, discuss your options & pros and cons.

  • Create "Save & Spend" strategies that work for you!

  • Get to know what savings options are available at your bank.

  • A personalized plan to move forward is your result.

  • (This can be one or two sessions depending on your current situation and goals. You decide! You leave your investments where they are.)

  • Benefit from support and guidance along the way.

Future add-on: Schedule sessions to Celebrate & Adapt every 6 to 12 months,

Financial Consultant Nearby Vernon BC

Email or

call 250.306.1256 to book your

Free 30-minute Discovery Conversation

We want to ensure this is the right process & fit. 

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