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Financial Coaching BC

Gain Control of Your Money with a Financial Coach

With Fenske Financial Coaching you can learn to control money, feel confident about your finances, "land on your feet" after life changes, and plan your retirement. You will have an unbiased financial coach with planning expertise to coach you on the road to financial well-being. Whether you are a seasoned employee, just starting out, single or a couple, lost a loved one, going through a separation or focused on becoming the best you, change will happen. Engaging a financial coach's services can help you develop helpful habits, gain insight into your personal approach to money, stay encouraged, acquire answers to your money questions, and explore your unique retirement options.

Fenske Financial Coaching helps with ongoing spending and saving behavior so you can gain stability and have money to save and invest. We equip you to define and work towards financial goals on your own, with regular support. We explore your values, relationship with money, and train you to make good money decisions. Working with a financial coach you can complete practical tools such as a Spending & Saving Budget, a Financial Map, a Personal Affairs & Estate Inventory, the Form 8 Financial Statement, or the Farm Succession Workbook. Also, there are follow-up financial coaching tune-ups to evaluate and adapt the plan to keep up with the changes in life.

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