Estate & Succession Needs

​Life happens quickly and change is expected. Let’s prepare you to deal with your needs, issues and pressures that can arise from a financial transition.​

  • You will have free unlimited-minutes for your Discovery Conversation.

  • I will listen, explore your concerns and answer your questions, then deliver creative solutions and fresh ideas.

  • When you decide, I look forward to facilitating conversations with others such as your children, partners, spouses, executors, etc.

  • We can add other experts such as a tax accountant, estate lawyer, etc. as required.

  • While you get on with work & life you will benefit from my continuous focus.


Please email for a quote.

Due to the nature of this type of work, the number of people potentially involved

and aspects controlled by other parties it's difficult to provide a package.

Email or

call 250.306.1256 to book your

Free 30-minute Discovery Conversation

We want to ensure this is the right process & fit. 

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