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Debt Management BC

Our take on Debt Management BC

One area of financial coaching that we often find ourselves faced with is debt management. We come across clients struggling to get out of debt, while others are looking to put smart repayment plans in place. We help our clients by first engaging them in an assessment about how their personality impacts spending and saving. Debt management requires skill because it can be the deciding factor for how your wealth increases and your peace of mind.

We are the kind of firm that sits with you, our client, to discuss your options about debt repayment and help you understand which plan is best. Fenske Financial Coaching follows up on how your payment plan is working so we can assess how best to coach you. Once you have the details of debt management at your fingertips, nothing can stand in your way when it comes to financial management.

We examine all the aspects to do with budgeting. Understanding what budget planning entails and implementing tracking apps and tools helps you know when, where and how much money you should spend. We work with you through the process and follow-up to ensure you feel confident and in control. Budgeting secures the future by ensuring that there is something left to cast as a safety net in unexpected occurrences.

In such times as these, when job security is not a sure thing, you need to engage the services of a financial coach who will guide you towards budget planning. One of our goals is to ensure you, our client, understand the potential you hold when you know how to go about budget planning. It is the primary determining factor on whether you will grow asset wise or you will remain in one spot all your life. For more insight about budget planning, you can contact us to make an appointment at

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