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Meet Karen Fenske

RRC®, BAA, Founder

Aa a Financial Planner, Myers-Briggs Coach and Registered Retirement Consultant you can expect comprehensive personalized planning and individualized personal development  While working as a financial advisor in the Canadian financial planning industry and the BC agriculture sector, Karen discovered that achieving personal financial stability requires one-to-one time with an expert, incorporating education, practical tools, and acknowledgement of every win—no matter how small.  


FFC clients often remark, "I feel like I finally have control over money." Attitudes, personality, values, past experiences, and emotions drive financial behaviour, which can interfere with making consistent, helpful decisions. Although investment growth is important, it's also crucial to be able to spend wisely, pay down debt, and enjoy life.

Fenske Financial Coaching is dedicated to working with individual clients to increase their self-awareness, learn about money management, practice skills, and mindfully change behaviours.


Karen ensures that all FFC clients receive relevant, useful financial planning that inspires and benefits each person—regardless of income and savings balances.


It can be disheartening to observe couples go in circles. We all know how challenging it can be in a marriage to combine spending and saving habits. However, FFC believes that common ground can always be found by building a Financial Map, which includes individual needs and dreams while also providing for the family unit. Mutual respect and harmony can be established in working together to achieve goals.

Couples Starting out

New couples often say, "All the financial pieces are overwhelming." It's important to build long-lasting practices while you share your money expectations and dreams. It takes time to increase your basic money-know-how and learn how to manage cash flow and control debt. Being able to ask questions about managing risk in the event one of you have an accident or untimely death is often something that isn't considered until now.


It can be challenging to deal with and exit a divorce. FFC is here to help you land on your feet with a lifestyle that maintains dignity and significance. Following a divorce many find themselves with little income and a lot of debt. Others are "frozen"—unable to decide what to do with settlements. It doesn't have to be this way. Let's talk and explore your options before, during, and after. FFC will always answer all of your questions and be a good listener. We will develop strategies in various areas, including emotional, physical, and financial.

Estate & Succession

Passing on an estate, farm, or business is more than just numbers—it's about people, their dreams, and abilities. FFC will work privately with you to develop your retirement plan and then facilitate discussions with all stakeholders to develop sound estate and succession plans.

Let's Discuss Your Goals


We respect that clients have provided FFC with the privilege of hearing their deepest struggles and most significant successes. In turn, we strive to empower each of them with the ability to achieve their goals.


Together we will build your personalized Financial Map, which takes into consideration your financial capacity, life situation, and personal decision-making methods. We check in to celebrate victories, identify new challenges, and adapt the map for new dreams. We look forward to meeting you and building a long-term relationship.

Life is a journey we can do together.

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