Meet Karen

While working as a financial advisor in the Canadian financial planning industry, and the BC agriculture sector, it became clear to me that personal financial stability required one-to-one time with an expert, education, practical tools, and acknowledgment of every win, no matter how small. I struggled with the fact one could only benefit from financial advice if he or she had lots of money to invest. Relevant, useful, financial planning advice that inspires you should be available like any other fee-for-service profession. So, to help whoever crosses my path, you will benefit from my coaching skills and planning expertise.

My clients have often said, “I feel like I finally have control over money”. Attitudes, personality, values, past experiences, and emotions drive financial behaviour, which can interfere with making consistent, helpful decisions. Yes, investment growth is important but so is being able spend wisely, pay down debt and live life. I don't sell or trade investments, rather I want to work with you to increase your self-awareness, learn about money management, practice skills, and mindfully change behaviours.

It has been disheartening to watch couples go in circles. I know how challenging it can be in a marriage to combine spending and saving habits. I believe common ground can always be found. Building a Financial Map which includes individual needs and dreams that also provides for your family is possible. Mutual respect and harmony can happen while working together to achieve goals.


Newlyweds have said, "All the financial pieces are overwhelming". It is important to build long-lasting practices while you share your money expectations and dreams. It takes time to increase your basic money know-how and learn how to manage cash flow and control debt. Being able to ask questions about managing risk, should one of you have an accident or untimely death, is often something that you have never thought about until now.


I am personally motivated to help you “land on your feet” with a lifestyle which maintains dignity and significance. After her divorce, my friend had little income and lots of debt. I have met others who were “frozen”, unable to decide what to do with a settlements or inheritance. A memory of my grandmother’s death includes a family disagreement about funeral arrangements which resulted in her wishes being ignored and a chasm between family members. It does not have to be this way. Let’s talk and explore your options before, during and after. I will answer questions and be a good listener. We will develop strategies in various areas including emotional, physical and financial.


Canadian food security hit the top of my concern list while I was doing strategic planning in the BC Ag sector. I realized that farms and operations would need to pass from one generation to the next and thrive. Passing on an estate, farm or business is more than just numbers; it is about the people, their dreams and abilities. Working privately with you to develop your retirement plan, then facilitating discussions with all appropriate parties to develop estate and succession plans are my favorite situations to move forward.

Clients and friends have given me the privilege of hearing their deepest struggles and most significant successes. In turn, I empowered them to achieve their goals. The fact is financial situations are constantly changing so plans should too. Like many of you, I like pictures to attach words to so I created the Financial Map. It takes into consideration your financial capacity, life situation and personal decision making methods. Checking in to celebrate victories, integrate challenges and adapt the Map for new dreams are sessions I look forward to as we build a long-term relationship.

Life is a journey we can do together. 

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